Find the Best University in the UK

In the UK, the quality of education that its universities offer is strictly monitored. Only the highest level of teaching is enforced in order to assure students that they will receive an equally high level of education. The competition between universities is always fierce in the UK. It’s easy to know which the best universities in the UK are. But if you are concerned with crowning just one of them to be the best university in the UK, you’ll surely have a hard time determining which.

There will be at least four universities which names would come out when one starts talking about the best university in the UK. The top four would be the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of Glasgow, and the University of Durham. Among the four, let’s focus on the University of Cambridge, assuming that it is the forerunner in the list.

The University of Cambridge was established in 1209, with its campus located at Trinity Lane. The university offers Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees in the fields of the Arts and Humanities, Business and Social Sciences, Language and Cultural Studies, Medicine and Health, Engineering, and Science and Technology.

The best online universities list will also include the University of Cambridge as it offers a wide range of undergraduate and post graduate programs online. Students seeking admission at this university, whether online or traditional, will be selected according to the results of their entry tests and the school marks that they present the board with. The University of Cambridge has its doors open to international students.

Right now, the university has a population of more than 20,000 students, handled by almost 3,000 personnel. This alone is the proof that they are indeed one of the best universities in UK. The University of Cambridge follows an urban living campus type, operating as a non-profit entity with public control and no religious affiliations.

University education is very precious as it shapes every person’s future. It is indeed an investment worth paying for in terms of time, money, and effort. In the UK, it is without doubt that the quality of education offered here is the best in the world. UK universities put strict focus on the curriculum, research, and the societal role of education in the student’s development.

Of the hundreds of universities in the UK, the best one in terms of entry standards, student satisfaction, research assessment, and graduate prospects as follows:

1. University of Cambridge

The entry standards of the University of Cambridge colleges are very high. Prospects should be able to show at least three A scores in the major subjects of the field they wanted to pursue. The teaching standards of Cambridge are at its best, making it the forerunner both quality education all over the world.

2. London School of Economics and Political Science

Students who would like to focus on the fields of social science courses are encouraged to apply at this university. It is the best university in the UK when it comes to courses related to anthropology, international relations, criminology, sociology, and social psychology.

3. University of Oxford

Oxford University holds the reputation of being one of the oldest English-speaking universities. It is also one of the premier online universities that students from any place in the world can enroll at. Oxford is the alma mater of at least 26 of UK’s Prime Ministers. And that’s not yet mentioning international leaders, Nobel Peace Prize Winners, kings, saints, and archbishops.

4. Durham University

The Durham University is clearly one of the best universities in the UK. It ranks close to Cambridge and Oxford when it comes to the quality of education, level of teaching, and intensity of research. This university offers more than 200 course openings for its undergraduate programs.

The Best Universities in UK vs The US

When it comes to high quality of education, the UK and the US are always head-to-head with each other. The world ranking in terms of quality university education shifts every year, signifying that universities are indeed answering to the current challenges associated to providing the highest level of education.

In the latest rankings, the University of Oxford tops all the best universities in the UK. It garnered an overall score of 93.7, making it the best university in the UK for the 2012-2013 school term. However, it just sits right below the United State’s California Institute of Technology which ranked first among the universities worldwide, with an overall score of 95.5. The University of Oxford is tied with the Stanford University, also of the US, at second place.

Three more universities from the US occupied the next spots in the ranking and such schools are Harvard, MIT, and Princeton, which took 4th, 5th, and 6th places respectively. At top 7 is the University of Cambridge, which is another UK university that also offers premium online education. Together with Oxford, they are one of the best online universities in the UK.

Still from the United Kingdom is Imperial College London, which took the 8th place. The US universities took the next three spots again, with the ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich squeezing in at Top 12. From Top 13 to 16, US schools reigned supreme. The University College London held the 17th spot while the University of Edinburgh ranked at 32nd place. The other UK Universities that figured well in the world rankings are The London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Manchester, King’s College London, and the University of Bristol. The Durham University is at 80thplace. 

What are the Best Universities in UK?

There are many universities in the UK that are worth enrolling at. However, the best choices are of course, the ones that can guarantee you with the highest level of education. The list of the best universities in UK includes the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, The University of Edinburgh, the University College London, and the University of Glasgow, among others. Being a part of these schools is already an accomplishment on itself. Graduating in flying colors should be your main goal.

Some of the top universities in the UK also offer online education. Given that, students will be able to enroll at the institution but are allowed to study their lessons at their own place, pace, and time. This makes learning even more possible and convenient, even for students who may not have the means to physically come to school every day to study. Online education has reshaped the way that students learn and earn their diplomas.

Being a part of the best university in UK should be every student’s goal. High school students who wanted to pursue high quality college education should seek enrolment at the top colleges and universities of the UK to assure them of the brightest future ahead. Some goes true for those who live in countries outside the UK. If you really want to receive the highest level of education, seek admission at any one of the top UK universities. That’s your key to international success and recognition.

Know the prerequisites of the top universities to know if you are qualified for admission. Each university requires a set of documents to assure that students can adapt well with their strict and exacting standards. These standards are meticulously adhered to by the university in order to deliver the highest possible level of education at all times.

Top UK Online Universities

While a lot of students wanted to learn, not everyone has the means to physically pursue the level of education that they want. Here is where the role of the top UK online universities comes in. If you can’t come to the school, there is a way to make the school come to you. Enlist yourself under one of these online universities in the UK and enjoy the same level of high quality education:

1. The UK Open University

Holding office in Milton Keynes, the UK Open University is focused on delivering distance learning to students who can’t physically come to school to receive the kind of education that they want. The Open University offers different choices for undergraduate programs that run from computer science all the way to archeology.

2. University of London

The University of London is undoubtedly one of the best universities in UK. Being a part of their online program is like receiving the same quality of education as if you were being schooled traditionally. Students who need to take on a full-time job will find themselves lucky to have the University of London as a great option for continuing their college education.

3. University of Oxford

Another school that is deemed the best university in UK is the University of Oxford. And like the University of London, this one also offers an online curriculum to give all aspiring students the chance to pursue their education at their own pace and time. The University of Oxford online education system offers its doors to students from all over the world.

These are the top three online universities in the UK that are worth looking out. See if you can qualify in one of their programs by submitting your application. Once approved, you’ll gain access to the best online education, in a quality that is otherwise not available elsewhere.