University education is very precious as it shapes every person’s future. It is indeed an investment worth paying for in terms of time, money, and effort. In the UK, it is without doubt that the quality of education offered here is the best in the world. UK universities put strict focus on the curriculum, research, and the societal role of education in the student’s development.

Of the hundreds of universities in the UK, the best one in terms of entry standards, student satisfaction, research assessment, and graduate prospects as follows:

1. University of Cambridge

The entry standards of the University of Cambridge colleges are very high. Prospects should be able to show at least three A scores in the major subjects of the field they wanted to pursue. The teaching standards of Cambridge are at its best, making it the forerunner both quality education all over the world.

2. London School of Economics and Political Science

Students who would like to focus on the fields of social science courses are encouraged to apply at this university. It is the best university in the UK when it comes to courses related to anthropology, international relations, criminology, sociology, and social psychology.

3. University of Oxford

Oxford University holds the reputation of being one of the oldest English-speaking universities. It is also one of the premier online universities that students from any place in the world can enroll at. Oxford is the alma mater of at least 26 of UK’s Prime Ministers. And that’s not yet mentioning international leaders, Nobel Peace Prize Winners, kings, saints, and archbishops.

4. Durham University

The Durham University is clearly one of the best universities in the UK. It ranks close to Cambridge and Oxford when it comes to the quality of education, level of teaching, and intensity of research. This university offers more than 200 course openings for its undergraduate programs.

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